Short of the Week

Short of the Week offers a curated list of short films with commentary. A great place to find quality work AND you can submit your own. Check it out!


Perky Jerky

For you filmmakers out there looking for a hearty snack. No nitrates or nitrites and lots of protein to keep you going. It’s not grass-fed beef/turkey but its pretty good. I found it at Walmart.


Wolf Crow

I found a great site with all kinds of information on workflow. Also has some really good recommendations on gear. Sign up for email newsletters and get three really good eBooks about rigging cameras and using RAID. They have tons of information on many aspects of filmmaking so check it out!

The Essential Reference Guide for Filmmakers by Kodak

Kodak has published a book about filmmaking, but more specifically, about cinematography.

It does a good job explaining the basic physics of light and color. It teaches you the basics of what you need to know in order to shoot on film and a lot of the information translates to digital cinema as well. It’s all information a budding cinematographer should know so check it out. It comes in both PDF and EPUB formats.