About BPF

My goal is to build the one website that I wish I had come across when I started out filmmaking.

There are over a hundred links on this site leading you to over a thousand. Not just any links, the best links!

Congrats, you just saved yourself years of web searching! I’ve taken everything I’ve learned by reading and experience and crammed it into this site. The information is out there…Bulletproof Filmmaker makes it easy to find some of the best stuff so you have the power at your fingertips. The only thing we can’t provide you is experience so grab your camera and put it to use or volunteer on local productions.

Bulletproof Filmmaker is not affiliated with The Bulletproof Executive but we are inspired by it! I wanted to take the bulletproof principle of upgrading oneself into the realm of filmmaking to help struggling filmmakers become successful in their art by upgrading their knowledge of the craft.

Being a bulletproof filmmaker is a lifestyle choice. It’s about standing up and saying, “I’m here, I’m human, I am arguably one of the most sophisticated and important collection of atoms in the Universe. I have a voice, and my voice shall be heard.”

To do this the bulletproof filmmaker understands that their body is their temple. Creativity flows from your ability to think and act creatively, energy which emanates from this temple. If you’re a bulletproof filmmaker it’s because you know you have to dig down deep and find out what you’re made of in order to accomplish your lofty goals. And let’s face it, all filmmakers have lofty goals because filmmaking IS a lofty goal.

It’s not about ego, it’s about confidence. Lay your ego at the door because you’re going to have to work as a team to make it happen. A strong project comes from a strong team – a bulletproof team.

If the cream rises to the top then consider this website the top. This site is the culmination of years spent studying, preparing, developing, writing, producing, directing, shooting, editing, and uploading films.

I have scoured the Internet for the absolute best resources to help you along your journey. And when I say scoured I mean scoured. Hours upon hours upon days and days spent exhaustively searching for the best nuggets to learn about filmmaking and hone my own skills.

And here it is all laid out for you nice and pretty. Eat it up!

Be sure to check out the steps to becoming a bulletproof filmmaker page!

If you want to know more about me visit my personal website at chriswillfilm.com.


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