It’s hard to make a film when you feel tired, fatigued, mental fog, overweight, bloated, depressed, and unhealthy.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Personality Types
Is filmmaking for you? Sure it is. Even if you’re not cut out to be a director or camera operator that’s just fine – the creative types absolutely need bookkeeper’s and producer’s to help us make it happen!! Take this laymen’s Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test and read the description of your type see what position might be best for you.

Study up on the MBTI types. If a filmmaker understands these types then they are better equipped to communicate their needs with crew members of various personality types.

The Bulletproof Body
Working 12+ hour days on set is exhausting. So is the mental challenge of screenwriting and pre-production. You need to get your mind and body in tip-top shape. And if you’re a microbudget/indie filmmaker with a job and family then you’re definitely going to need to pay attention here.

The Bulletproof Executive
is a website ran by Dave Asprey and it will help you get there. It will take a while to digest everything on the site, possibly months. It’s best to go to the site once a day or so and read something – anything. Also, listen to the podcasts! This is a FREE resource. This guy could’ve locked it in a book you’d have to pay for but he’s dumped it onto his site for FREE. Do not go the rest of your life without reading everything on this site.

Further research I’ve done on health and nutrition:
The Bulletproof Executive has gotten me thinking and I’ve done a ton of research on my own about health and nutrition. It’s nice that I also have access to my university’s database/journal system. Here are the results of that research:

Coming Soon!


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