Here is a list of film related magazines, websites, and blogs. If it’s not badass then I won’t post it here. I’ll keep adding to the list as I find them so check back every now and then. If you think you’ve found a badass site that I should list then post it below in the reply section or shoot us an email at bulletprooffilmmaker at gmail dot com.

Trade Mags

Industry news.

Industry news.


They offer a free basic website for you film. They also have an absolutely fantastic list of filmmaking apps for your computers and devices that is definitely worth checking out.

Hollywood Camera Work
The hands down best blocking and scene design information you can get your hands on. They also have apps and are soon coming out with a course on directing actors which I personally can’t wait for.

Video CoPilot
Need some graphics for your action movie? Get it here. Plenty of tutorials to help you on your way.
Great gear for indie and microbudget filmmakers! I’ve used some of their gear and the price is right.

The Writers Store
A great store for screenwriters. They have books and software and DVD’s and courses and links to writing contests.

Showbiz Software
Software, Hardware, Production Gear, Media Services & Payroll, Education, and more.


The Black and Blue
A badass blog for camera assistants. Great info and tips on surviving in the industry. You can get a free eBook on this site with pretty good info also.

That Continuity Guy
His site has a great little Continuity 101 section that is quite a few pages long and details what they do.

Sara Geralds: Continuity Supervisor
I’m putting her blog here because she talks about working on set a lot and she’s just so darn positive!

Script On Set
Another Script Supervisor blog. This guy uses an entirely digital workflow and has some interesting info on the site.

Hope For Film
A great blog about independent film worth reading.

Tutorials, education, articles. Tons of good information and links to more great information.

Media College
If you’re a total noob and as poor as Kenny then you can get some basic training here.

Hollywood Camera Work

Digital Cinema Training
This company provides a set of DVD’s that cover a wide range of filmmaking techniques and they also go over how to use professional equipment. They are a little slow moving but definitely contain a lot of information. They even setup scenes and show you how they go about lighting and framing. If you haven’t worked on film sets before then this series will help you not look dumb when you do.


A networking site for the film, television, and theater industries.

Sites that look promising:
A way to collaborate and manage film and video projects. And even…get paid?

Seed & Spark
An alternative to indiegogo and kickstarter that also helps with distribution and takes less fees.

5th Cinema
Distribution platform for indie filmmakers. Hasn’t launched yet but looks promising.


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